General Information


Australian Club

165 Macquarie Street Sydney, NSW, 2000
+612 9229 0400
[email protected] 


•             Private dining is available for between 4 and 80 people.
•             A fully equipped gym with personal trainers.
•             Library facilities.
•             On-site car parking.


Standard of Dress:

It is a requirement for Members and their gentlemen guests to wear a jacket and tie (business attire) and ladies may wear a dress, skirt, tailored trousers with a jacket, or evening pants when visiting the Clubhouse.

Dress provisions are relaxed for the Third Floor, whereby the dress requirement is for a jacket and optional tie.

When dining in the First and Second Floors, a jacket and tie must be worn at all times. 
Denim and/or sports shoes are not permitted inside the Clubhouse.

Note: Members and guests who are staying within the Club's bedrooms or suites may wear smart casual dress that is appropriate to their destination, when entering or leaving the Clubhouse.


Ladies at the Club:

Women are welcome to stay in the Clubhouse and utilise the facilities when accompanied by the Member. The First-Floor is limited to Members, gentlemen guests and male Reciprocal Club Members until 5pm.

Female Reciprocal Club Members are also welcome to book and stay in the Macquarie Suites. Children are welcome.  


Card of Introduction:

 A member of a Reciprocal Club is required to show a Membership Card or a Letter of Introduction upon arrival to the Australian Club in order to be given entry as a Sponsored Member.