Macquarie Business Center

Macquarie Business Centre

Business space solutions for today’s Members who need to stay in touch. Hot Desks, Conference and Meeting Rooms, Private Studies, Open Plan Lounge and Breakout Areas, all supported by professional staff. Also welcome –Sponsored Members and Reciprocal Club Members.

Features include:

  • All day Reception can respond to your requirements.
  • Work seamlessly with Wi-Fi + Super-Fast Broadband.
  • Lockers for portable devices include a power outlet.
  • Enjoy a ‘Business casual’ relaxed dress code – see below.
  • Lounge with Cable HDTV, newspapers, magazines, refreshments, buffet.
  • Open and Private Study spaces.
  • Two Meeting Rooms – 2 to 6 persons.
  • Secure Conference Room – 10 persons with Internet + Dual Screen HD Video
  • Conference Facilities.
  • Invite up to two non-member guests into open areas.
  • Self-serve refreshments of non-alcoholic hot and cold beverages.
  • Light snacks available during business hours.
  • Additional Menu offered in Conference and Meeting Rooms.
  • Enjoy a smart ‘Business casual’ approach – open necked collar and tailored trousers. Excludes Denim.
  • Available from 8.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday excluding Public Holidays.
* The Macquarie Business Centre and Suites are managed by the Australian Club (Annex) Pty Ltd (ABN 70 165 468 575)


Contact Info

Macquarie Business Centre Reception
+61 2 9229 0560
Meeting Room Tariffs information available on request.